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BMW 740 Li Launch Price @ $358,000 including COE

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The most innovative vehicle in its class, the new BMW 7 Series heralds a new era in contemporary luxury.
With an enhanced interior offering more legroom and space to unwind, both the standard and long wheelbase
models also deliver impressive performance and efficiency.

The New BMW 7 Series

The new BMW 7 Series is more than flawless craftsmanship.

It’s a window into the future of luxury car design.


The new BMW 7 Series is filled with breathtaking innovations.
Where it leads, other cars will follow.

Visionary Inside and Out

The new BMW 7 Series combines technological innovation and precision engineering with visionary design. Powerful yet understated, dynamic yet elegant, crafted from the most luxurious materials, it’s a completely new experience that’s unmistakably BMW.

Driving Innovation

At BMW we don’t predict the future of driving, we create it. The revolutionary innovations found in the new BMW 7 Series represent a progressive vision for the future that you can enjoy today. One day, maybe, all cars will be this intelligent. Until then, there’s the new BMW 7 Series.

The Future of Luxury

Every time you step inside the new BMW 7 Series, you embark on a journey of luxury and innovation. Sensory experiences, from massage seats to ambient lighting, shape the feelings of both driver and passenger alike. All you have to do is choose the experience that suits your mood.


Park at the touch of a button. Control your calls with a wave of your hand.

The new BMW 7 Series puts power at your fingertips.

The New BMW 7 Series


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A person’s taste in cars arises out of a variety of personal reasons and impressions. There are some who prefer rugged 4x4 trucks, and then there are some who prefer mammoth horsepower. There are very few car brands in the world which are favored by almost every segment of the market. BMW is one of them.

It is truly amazing how BMW has been able to enamor the most diverse consumer segments out there. It has been the convention of this industry that most carmakers stick to one particular niche and don’t dare venture forth from it. In an industry where the lines of division are drawn with such resolve, BMW has been able to break all barriers and carve out its own all-encompassing brand in the industry.

The latest BMW 7 Series is a combination of power and engineering sophistication. Its carefully designed dimensions speak of the suavity and boldness which has become a trademark of the BMW brand. At the same time, it comes with the kind of engine power that makes it just as strong as any other sedan in the industry, and possibly more so.

It is not just the BMW brand that this particular model relies on. The latest BMW 7Series continues to define itself with an edge in technological innovation. Equipped with some of the most cutting edge technology of our generation, the BMW 7Series provides a truly futuristic experience that is unmatched by any other car of this category.

F1autos.com, a leading name in the car dealership industry, can provide its valued patrons with some excellent deals on the latest BMW 7Series. F1autos.com has continued to play a leading role in the buying and selling of high-end automobiles. The company’s experience in the field, coupled with the trust that the clients place in its management, is what has made it stand out and allowed the company to construct a reputation for integrity and reliability.

Why choose F1autos.com?

  1. Access: It is not every day that a person buys a new car. Automobiles are high-value investments and customers are very careful about the type of purchase they are making. In many cases, high value cars of the leading brands are either not within the scope of operations of most dealerships, or most are simply not able to gather enough clout with the manufacturers to purchase such cars. F1autos.com, on the other hand, specializes in high-value automobiles and has sufficient connections. Many of its patrons are fans of high-value automobiles and due to this reason, the company knows the business inside and out.
  2. Trust: It goes without saying that when such a huge amount of money is involved, even the most seasoned of car enthusiasts and buyers are careful about the money matters involved in the transaction. Thanks to the level of scale of F1autos.com’s operations and its service spanning across several years, the company has a positive repute of integrity in the marker which makes it stand out.
  3. One-Stop-Shop: F1autos.com has included in its mandate a variety of services all aimed at maximizing convenience for its clients. It has been observed over the course of years that documentation and financing can be a huge hassle for many car enthusiasts looking to get their favorite automobiles. Sensing this particular gap in the market, F1autos.com decided to bridge it with its own form of value added services that allow the clients to have all their issues resolved in one go.

BMW 7Series is undoubtedly one of the best cars to come out of the renowned carmaker’s garage. Its price tag, of course, makes it one of the more exclusive cars in the market. While we understand the desire of the manufacturers to maintain exclusivity, F1autos.com believes that long-time patrons of the brand, as well as those who are truly passionate about their cars, deserve a better deal and thus a better chance of driving this masterpiece of an automobile.

F1autos is introducing flexible loans for its valued patrons so that they may find it easier to drive their favorite car and get a taste of the modernistic luxury that this highly anticipated automobile provides.

Who should buy it?

  1. Business Tycoons: It is the ultimate emblem of luxury. With tons of exclusive and high-end features, the BMW 7Series is the perfect car for the elite of the elite.
  2. City Slickers: For individuals who like to maintain their degree and show some class all the while nurturing a deep desire to pull of some quick stunts on the road, BMW 7Series is an ideal vehicle for all their needs.
  3. Ambassadors: Diplomatic staff at the highest level, as well as government officials, continue to use this car. Not only does it make the right impression, it is also convenient since it is very easy to reinforce the car with armor.